4 Shifts To Increase Your Business with Nicholas Bayerle

Listen to Nicholas give solid advice to implement during this quarantine. In this episode, Nicholas speaks on making decisions to benefit yourself and your business. Learn the 4 shifts you need to increase your business. Timestamped Show Notes: [2:16] Making The Correct Pivots [5:14] Core Motivations  [7:00] Types Of Motivated Buyers [14:33] Make Your Product […]

Quarantine Business Strategies with James Friel

This week’s episode comes from a live we did with James Friel in our Billion Dollar Brotherhood Facebook group.   James Friel has consulted companies and built the systems of companies like ClickFunnels. Not only does he help companies build systems and processes to make them bulletproof, he also creates bulletproof business people as well. From […]

The Business Of Parenting With Amanda And Nicholas Bayerle

In this week’s episode, Amanda and Nicholas go into detail on the importance of time management between work and kids.  Listen and find out why having a good relationship with your kids doesn’t just automatically happen and you need to put in work to create a strong bond. Timestamped Show Notes: [1:34] Starting A Business […]

Mess To Message With Nicholas Bayerle

In this episode, Nicholas shares his struggle with sharing his story and why doing so has led to creating his biggest message. Listen and find out why sharing your messes can help other people come to their biggest breakthroughs. Timestamped Show Notes: [0:50] Hiding Your Messes [2:05] Being Held Back From Sharing Your Story [6:31] […]

$10k Giveaway with Nicholas Bayerle

In this episode, Nicholas announces BDB Live 4.0. The #1 event for businessmen. If you want to invest in yourself and give you a massive transformation, grab your ticket at bdblive.com  Timestamped Shownotes: [1:00] Mindset Growth [3:05} Building On Your Knowledge Base And Skill Sets [5:36] Network [9:00] The Power Of Community [11:05] BDB Live […]

Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed with Adrian Morrison

Adrian Morrison teaches entrepreneurs how to get started and achieve success online.  He is an online marketer specializing in e-commerce, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and pay per click. In this episode, Adrian tells the key secrets to crush it in internet marketing. Timestamped Show Notes: [4:37] Start Of His Career [9:06] Going Into […]

Parenting Hacks for Dads with Seth Dahl

Seth Dahl is a writer and worldwide speaker to adults and children. For over 15 years, he has experienced working with children and being a children’s pastor. In this episode, Seth talks about how you can become a better father how you can show up powerful inside of your family and how he’s been able […]

Marriage and Business Hacks with Dave Hollis

Dave Hollis, a former director at The Walt Disney Company, is now CEO of the Hollis Company. Starting his company with his wife Rachel Hollis, they now have 55 employees and are impacting millions of lives all over the world.  In this episode listen to Dave give some major hacks on combining marriage and business. […]

How To Monetize Your Passion With Mark Bell

Mark Bell is probably one of the strongest guys we’ve had in the BDB podcast before. He’s actually the inventor of Mark Bell Slingshot that’s sold over a million units of just the slingshot. And over a million followers on social media. Mark has a free gym, where he is able to impact people and […]

Unlock The Superpower Of Myers Briggs With Katya Varbanova

Katya Varbanova is the founder of Peri10k and one of the pioneers and experts in the live video marketing revolution. She is a viral video marketing expert business strategist. Has helped 1300 clients by helping them get to know their perfect client through personality types they attract. In this episode, listen to Katya breakdown the […]