How To Monetize Your Passion With Mark Bell

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Mark Bell is probably one of the strongest guys we’ve had in the BDB podcast before.

He’s actually the inventor of Mark Bell Slingshot that’s sold over a million units of just the slingshot. And over a million followers on social media.

Mark has a free gym, where he is able to impact people and have them come workout for free because of the business he created.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:39] Mark’s Childhood

[7:21] Everyone Has Different Struggles 

[21:37] Leveraging Passion For Strength

[23:30] The Creation Of The Slingshot

[31:46] Making Your Right Choice 

[37:53] Getting People To Connect With You

[42:26] Power Of Community

[48:30] Having Trouble Finding Your Goal



  1.  If you want to be great at anything you are going to have to put in a lot of work. You better be ready to put in a hard amount of work that you ever put in in your life into anything
  2.  If you give, you’ll receive. Giving is a huge component of any success for anyone.
  3.   That you do and the more that you take on the stronger that you will get I always say do more be more.



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