Military to Multi-Millionaire With Douglas James

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Douglas James is a navy hospital corpsman turned entrepreneur on a mission to change the lives of fellow driven entrepreneurs. In this episode, he discusses his amazing journey of redirecting careers and starting from nothing.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:45] Starting Stages to Success

[4:45] Life in the Navy as a Hospital Corpsman

[13:45] Separating Personal Identity From Family Identity

[16:00] Overcoming Past Problems to Benefit the Future

[17:09] Military Principles Used to Grow His Business

[20:38] Dealing With a Negative Body Image

[25:54] Inspiration to do Something Different

[31:14] Falling Down the Rabbit Hole of Entrepreneurship

[39:35] From Seat to the Stage Two Years In A Row

[42:20] Accomplishments Since BDB



  • It’s never too late in your life to start a new career. With persistence and commitment, anything is possible. A burning desire and all-consuming vision can lead to the greatest of achievements.
  • Leave your previous problems and negativities in the past. They have no use to you when it comes to growing as a person or in your business.
  • Going to the BDB Live event has really given him an understanding of what a three-dimensional businessman really is.



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