How To Get Shredded with Ryan Fischer

Do you want to know how a former Olympic athlete that worked out 5 hours a day stays just as fit aesthetically, only working out 1 ½ hours a day? Ryan Fisch was an Olympic athlete that now owns Chalk Performance Training and an online app In this episode, we talk all about getting shredded. […]

Live Events Are Back with Nicholas Bayerle

Are you a man looking to take your life to the next level? Do you want to succeed in health, wealth and relationships?  In this week’s episode, Nicholas announces the 5th annual BDB Live October 8-10th. Grab your tickets now! Timestamps: [1:03] 15 Months In The Making [3:07] Creation Of BDB Live [7:56] Massive Transformations […]

How To Overcome Challenges & Thrive with Wallace Nelson

Want to learn the secret to overcoming challenges and thriving in your life and business? In this week’s interview, Wallace Nelson talks about getting married young, divorced, remarried, with 8 kids and building a multimillion dollar company through it all Timestamps: [3:53] Business And Family Life [7:25] Key Differences In First Marriage [11:44] Going Through […]

Alpha Vs Beta Males with Elliott Hulse

Are you an alpha or beta male? Do you want to walk your life as best as possible as a man in 2021?   In this week’s interview, Elliott Hulse goes into depth on alpha and beta males, why he is anti feminism, and how to be the best man you can be in today’s society. […]

The Keto Diet Explained with Ben Azadi

Ever wonder what the Keto Diet is all about? Have you been following the Keto Diet correctly? Want to know what to do and what to stay away from? In this week’s interview, Ben Azadi talks about his transition from vegan to keto, the correct laws of keto, and the biggest motivations to start. Timestamps: […]

How To Make 6 Figures In Your Business (In ANY Industry)

Are you working to make 6 figures in your business but don’t know where to start? Do you know who your ideal client is? Is there a market for your product/service? In this training episode, Nicholas explains the successfully proven 3 steps to making 6 figures in your business. Timestamps: [3:07] What Is Product/ Service […]

3 Ways To Turn Your Mess Into Your Message with Nicholas Bayerle

Do you want to propel your career with your mess? Do you think people will judge you based on your past?  In this training episode, Nicholas teaches how you can turn your mess into your message. And how to surpass the feelings of fear and insecurity surrounding your past. Timestamps: [1:20] Fears And Insecurities With […]

2021 Social Media Strategies with Nicholas Bayerle

Are you trying to grow your social media successfully? Are you looking for social media strategies? Tune in to learn how to prosper in your online presence In this episode, Nicholas shares his tips and tricks he uses to grow his engagement and presence with his tribe.  Timestamps: [1:48] Start With The End In Mind […]

Live & Virtual Events In 2021

Do you want to have a live or virtual event? Want to know the secret to getting people into your coaching program? Are you trying to figure out how to get through to your customers? In this week’s Q&A episode, Nicholas answers all these questions and more.  If you want your question to be featured […]

How To Scale Your Business with Dan Young

Do you want to learn how to scale your business from the creator of the Millionaire Code? Listen and find out how. Dan Young is an entrepreneur, investor, and mentor on a mission to help create one million millionaires. In this episode, Dan talks about building a successful business and securing a financial future. He […]