Sell Education And Make Millions With Bart Miller

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Bart Miller is the ultimate networker. He has one of the largest makeup schools with a white-labeled product, launched a booming business in e-commerce space through Amazon that does over 8 million a year and has won fitness competitions all by investing in the best of the best to mentor him.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:09] Backstory To Now

[12:55] Losing Everything And Dramatically  Changing Lifestyles

[15:43] Entering The World Of Makeup

[17:11] Starting A Virtual School Through Paul Mitchell

[23:13] Building A Foundation For A Business With Freedom

[26:08] Going Into The Ecom Store

[28:50] Mindset Going Into E-commerce

[32:13] Investing In Your Education

[35:02] Find a Mentor To Get to Where You Want to Go

[37:47] Key to Take The Education And Apply It



  1. YouTube is the most powerful platform to generate leads. Once the content is there, it always stays there.
  2. You should never stop investing in your education though not in “traditional” education. You can always learn something new.
  3. If you’re looking at the system of something the money pays for itself along the way. It’s not about the money it’s about who you have teaching you and leading you.
  4. Have a mentor for every category in your life for success.



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“When you die, the only thing you take with you is knowledge.”