june 8-10 | San Diego, CA

the go-to event for powerful men
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The must attend event for 2018

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is a dynamic, in-person event for a select group of ambitious and successful men. During this exclusive weekend, you’re invited to build on your accomplishments and get to the next level of health, wealth, and relationships.

Invest in one weekend to become your most powerful, confident, healthiest, and fulfilled self alongside brothers who are equally committed to achieving success. Through innovative coaching, mind-blowing experts, and full head-to-toe lifestyle design, you’ll put a plan in place to look and feel like a billion bucks.

Beginners need not apply

It may sound harsh, but there are enough people who NEED things from you. From employees looking for direction, to board members needing approval, to fans trying to get your time – I know you’re in demand. Which is why at Billion Dollar Body, LIVE, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded successful men, not newbies. You’ll be with others who are accomplishing objectives, and are ready to set and smash their next goals.

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is for you if:

  • You dominate in some parts of your life and want to feel that way in all areas.
  • You embrace the “new school way” of success. You know that your health and relationships are equally important to living a powerful, successful life.
  • You imagine having a community of powerful men that inspire you – men that you’re excited to connect with, hear from, and look up to.
  • You hold your time and money sacred, and you’re selective about who gets your resources. You want to be around men who understand this and feel the same way.
  • You invest in premium products and events that truly serve your big vision of who you are and want to be in the world.

In brotherhood, you’ll find purpose

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE addresses three pillars of life: health, wealth, and relationships. If you’re prospering in only one area, it’s time to expand and find purpose in everything you do. Each activity during the weekend is designed to help you become 10x more successful in these three areas of your life.

During the event, you’ll engage in these pillars with a community of powerful men. Men who come from a diverse background, with their own internal motivators and external accomplishments. Men who are looking to level up and want to see you do the same. There is no doubt that you’ll walk away with a greater sense of purpose; ready to dominate.


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel
Downtown San Diego

1646 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101

In between San Diego’s infamous Gaslamp Quarter
and culinary hotspot, Little Italy!

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What you need to know

  • The DoubleTree Downtown San Diego
  • June 8-10 : Exact dates coming soon
  • 8:30 am – 6:30 pm Saturday & Sunday
  • Billion Dollar Body Approved Catered Lunches provided
  • Sky’s the Limit Rooftop Party Friday at 5:30 pm


Joost Janssen

Navy Seal, Entrepreneur and Actor

Jordan Harbinger

Co-Founder of The Art of Charm, Podcast host

Cole Hatter

Investor, Speaker, and Creator of the live event “Thrive”

Ryan Michler

Founder of Order of Man

john spencer ellis

The Entrepreneur Coach, Founder of NESTA

kevin stimpson

Founder of Strive & Grind

Christopher Walker

Co-Founder of Truth Nutraceuticals and Anabolic Men

tommy berretz

Emcee, Entrepreneur, Comedian

nicholas bayerle

Founder of The Billion Dollar Body

amanda bayerle

Co-Founder/First Lady of The Billion Dollar Body

Eric Nghiem

Dynamic Tax

Jesse Krieger

Founder & Publisher of Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Press

I can’t wait to hang with you

I’m Nicholas Bayerle and I founded The Billion Dollar Body with the help of my inspirational wife, Amanda. I’ll be your guide through this LIVE event and I’m pumped that you’re going to attend.

I have a huge vision for my life, for your life, and for this community. I know what exists inside of each man – confidence, purpose, strength, and a drive to excel and succeed. I was racing bikes at the age of 2, opened a business when I was 12, trained with the Navy Seals, have a thriving marriage and now I’m pouring my expertise and skills into creating this event for you. You can grab your ticket below. I can’t wait to see the breakthroughs we’re going to experience from this weekend together!

Don’t Take it From Just Me

Act now! This event will sell out!

Men who attend our dynamic weekend are fiercely invested and energized to make big changes to achieve their best lives. They define masculinity and inspire everyone around them. You know you belong in this community. Grab your ticket now – it’s time for you to live The Billion Dollar Body lifestyle.

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*VIP Entry: Step up your experience at Billion Dollar Body, LIVE and become a Man of Action. You will enjoy an exclusive, intimate dinner with our experts, priority seating in sessions, and a workout Sunday morning. Act now, there are only 30 tickets available and the cutoff purchase date is June 1st, 2018.


Get motivated
Leave inspired

If Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is speaking to you – then chances are you’re looking for change. We’re going to overdeliver on our promise to set you up for next level breakthroughs. And the Monday after the event? Just imagine walking into a room and being able to command even more respect, communicate your immense worth, and lead with ease. You deserve this community, this inspiration, and this transformation. Sign up today and I’ll see you on June 8th, 2018.

Nicholas is smart, driven, and comes from a pure place of giving – a rarity in businesses these days. Being a member of their Billion Dollar Body coaching program, I know they will massively over-deliver on the value of this event. I’ve always conceptualized health and wellness, but it wasn’t until I received their undivided attention that I attained the knowledge specifically catered to me, to have me winning in all areas of health. Only a month in, and I feel amazing about my body, and the choices I make every day with my eating, my exercise, and how I use my energy in every moment. They have my full endorsement, and I can’t wait to see what they create

Evan Karadimov

CEO of The Mentee

Billion Dollar Body is a one of a kind experience, program, and system. Nicholas and his company take the time and attention to create a lasting impact that will stick with you for the entirely of your life. You will not find a cookie cutter event or system here. Nicholas has done the research, has had the experience, and has the network to make an impact in your business, health, and priorities in life. It was abundantly apparent at the VIP experience day where I literally spent 12 hours with Nicholas and Amanda and it flew by because of the immense value I received. They established a belief level in me that is unshakable as I walk towards my health and business goals. I know, without doubt, that their live Billion Dollar Body Event will do the same for you and all Who attend. If you want to keep living a mediocre life this is not for you, but if you want a lasting impact in your life that will positively effect every aspect of your life you do not want to miss this live event!

Frankie Vignone

CEO of Frankly Fit

Spots are limited! Act now!

Let’s cut through the B.S. and excuses. Gain the practical tools to take your life to the next level, and have a lot of fun doing it. We know you are capable of achieving a billion dollar body and lifestyle. This is your opportunity to man up and take action.

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The Fine Print

This is a clean and simple decision. If you purchase a ticket and are unsatisfied with the event on Sunday, let me know right then and I’ll refund 100% of your ticket cost. OR if you purchase a ticket and end up not being able to attend, you can transfer your ticket to another person, but no refunds are offered. That’s it, super simple. If you have questions, reach out now.


Billion Dollar Body, LIVE occurs in June 2018. We begin Friday with a “Sky’s the Limit Rooftop Party” at 5:30 PST to network and enjoy the epic view. Both Saturday and Sunday you’ll be in group talks, breakout sessions, and networking meetings. We’ll serve Billion Dollar Body approved lunches and encourage people to connect before and after the scheduled events.

Additionally for those who purchase a “Man of Action” ticket, there will be a dinner with the experts on Saturday night.

If you have other specific questions about the outline feel free to email me at support@thebilliondollarbody.com

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is at the impressive DoubleTree Hotel in San Diego, California. We will use the immaculate rooftop pool, the conference rooms, the lobby, and restaurant to connect and work. You can learn more about the hotel and see pictures here.
If you are traveling to San Diego, we encourage you to stay at the DoubleTree Hotel where the event is taking place. If you stay at the hotel, call (619) 239-6800 and say you are with the event to receive discounted hotel rates and discounted parking rates. There are no activities off the hotel property, so if you’d like to fly into San Diego, then take a rideshare to the hotel, you can easily do that and you won’t need a car. Otherwise, you can feel free to book another hotel or AirBnB near this address: 1646 Front St, San Diego, CA 92101.
Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is limited to 100 men. This ensures that everyone has a chance really connect with other like-minded men and can get the most out of the workshops. It will sell out, so if you’re interested, grab your seat today!
Great question! In one phrase: A LOT! We kick off our weekend together with a “Sky’s the Limit Rooftop Party” at the pool deck of the DoubleTree Hotel. You can see the ocean from this vantage point and it’s the perfect backdrop to the work we’ll accomplish during the weekend. Then on Saturday and Sunday you’ll receive practical tools and lifelong inspiration from some of the greatest experts in health, wealth, and relationships. An insanely delicious lunch is included on Saturday and Sunday. There will competitions for exclusive gifts, as well as group discussions, entertainment, and so much more. Sponsors from all over the world are bringing you the best men’s products and services as an extra perk.
The Billion Dollar Body is the #1 lifestyle brand for high performing men to finally achieve their ultimate health, power, and confidence. Through expert coaching and high impact products, Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle create a brotherhood of strong men who accomplish the impossible, both physically and emotionally. The Billion Dollar Body offers premium programs, products, and now events so men can look and feel like a billion bucks, and become the leader they were born to be.
Oh man is this a fun question to answer. I’ll start with where I am today. At the age of 25, I am proud to have already surpassed many of my dreams. I’m an entrepreneur, a coach, a speaker, and a health expert. I’m married to my queen, Amanda and have been trained by Navy Seals. I individually coached over 500 people and have been on stage as a speaker in over 10 countries. And I keep working for more.

Now, I didn’t start out this way, and I’ll share more of my story at the event. Suffice it to say I had moments where feeling like a billion bucks seemed like an unachievable dream.

However, through continual investment in myself, I set, meet, and exceed my goals. I’m obsessed with productivity and dominating each day while helping others do the same. I’m ready to help you live life knowing you are worth $1,000,000,000.

First, that would be a huge bummer. But I know that life happens and sometimes things are unavoidable. I’m happy to move the ticket to another man who you want to attend. Just email me if something arises and I’ll handle it from there. (That being said I want to make it clear that there are no refunds once you purchase a ticket.)
The power of this event is going to be electric. You’ll feel it when you walk in the room. Broadcasting it online can’t convey the experience accurately, so no, we will not be streaming it live. Besides, I want the focus of everyone to be on the men who show up and who are present to the learning and transformation that’s happening. This is a focused, dynamic, exclusive event and I hope you can be one of the 100.
Absolutely! This is a great idea for a business partner, friend, or family member. To set it all up, just email me at support@thebilliondollarbody.com and let me know you want to change someone’s life forever.
All of the attendants at the event will be men. However there will be a few women around. My wife, Amanda, will help facilitate and coordinate the event. There will also be women at the sponsors booths.
We encourage you to make this weekend focused on you. The sessions will start early in the morning, and the discussions and conversations will last well into the evening. There won’t be much free time to spend with your girlfriend or wife, and we want your attention on your development, not on taking care of someone else. Plan a trip with her on another weekend after you level up with us. If your partner/spouse is a man and wants to purchase a ticket, he is absolutely welcome!
I thought you’d never ask. I’ve been to my fair share of masterminds. I’ve been to workshops, talks, retreats, and conferences. I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ones that make you say, “I spent HOW much money on that?!” I’ve studied and brainstormed and curated this event to activate a breakthrough in your life. One major difference in Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is that instead of talking about only one segment of your life, we’re talking about three of the biggest pieces: Health, Wealth, and Relationships. And we’re bringing them all together so you can assess where you are, identify where you want to be, and then grow a pair to do it.

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE stands out among the crowd because it is specifically men only. A core component of our event is encouraging Brotherhood through team exercises and networking. We’re building an accountable community of men who are working on individual goals while encouraging each other. This is going to be unique, fun, and transformative in ways you’ll want to experience first hand.


SAN DIEGO, CA | June 8-10 2018

General Entry

Pre- Sale Price 


Benefits Include :
Admission to all sessions
Skys the Limit rooftop party
Billion Dollar Body catered lunches
Entry bags


Man of Action Entry

Pre- Sale Price 


Benefits Include:
Admission to all sessions
Skys the Limit rooftop party
Billion Dollar Body catered lunches
Special entry bags
Priority Seating
VIP dinner with speakers and other high level men on Saturday night
Exclusive workout with the top fitness trainers on Sunday morning


*VIP Entry: Step up your experience at Billion Dollar Body, LIVE and become a Man of Action. You will enjoy an exclusive, intimate dinner with our experts, priority seating in sessions, and a workout Sunday morning. Act now, there are only 25 tickets available and the cutoff purchase date is June 1st, 2018.

Make your

future self proud

I want to leave you with one last thought. So many men go after what they want. So many men fail at their first step and then they stop. But not you, not us. We’ve already accomplished a ton – and we have an obligation to keep building. If you are unsatisfied with any area of your life, it’s a challenge to rise up, learn new skills, and tackle it. Just imagine yourself in 10 years looking back and thinking, “Damn, I’m glad I invested in myself by attending Billion Dollar Body, Live. It not only gave me a community of like-minded men, I had a 10x ROI.”

Now, it’s easier to set and crush a goal in a community. Billion Dollar Body, LIVE gives you the brotherhood you’ve been craving – full of high achieving men who are consistently striving for more. Powerful men who don’t get stuck on the details – men who see the big vision and hold you accountable to achieve it. This event is your opportunity to be equipped and inspired to reach your ultimate state of health, power, and confidence. I guarantee you will have at least one breakthrough. Join us for this exclusive, fun, and dynamic experience. There’s a community of men ready.

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