unleash your obsession

In this episode, Nicholas talks about how to build a dream that turns into an obsession. He goes into having a goal or passion and becoming obsessed with it to the point that you have to make it happen. Nicholas also invites you to join the January 2019 BDB 30 Day Challenge to help you prosper in health, wealth, relationships.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[03:40] Obsession

[06:58] Not Asking for Help

[08:35] Titanic

[10:00] 2019

[10:56] Coaches

[11:50] Shift

[12:40] Mentors

[15:00] Accomplishments

[18:10] Call to Action



In 2015, I wrote on my vision board that I wanted to buy a Ford Raptor. Come 2017, I still wasn’t obsessed with it. A year later, I knew that I needed to have it, and now I do.




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