The Relationship Code with Brett Jones


Today, Nicholas interviews Brett Jones, co-founder of The Relationship Code. Brett is a relationship coach who has been married for 26 years. Brett shares his wisdom and nuggets of knowledge about how relationship dynamics have changed, and how to become a leader and warrior in all aspects of life.


Timestamped Show Notes:

[03:20] Entrepreneurial Bug

[03:55] Brett’s Journey

[09:33] Rapid Rise

[12:00] Clarity

[14:15] The Gift

[21:00] Men are Leaders

[23:00] Culture

[26:44] Emotional Questions

[36:05] Secret to Everlasting Marriage



  • After WW1 and WW2, men came back changed, broken, and wanting peace.
  • Women had to handle it all while the men were away.
  • We are now in a culture where men shut down to cope and women handle it all and get exhausted.
  • In the 60’s, men and women were deemed to be equal. However, people assumed that this meant that men and women were the same.
  • This caused them to communicate like they were the same, which led us to a 60% divorce rate.
  • Women want men to lead.


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