#12 Power Couple Episode: Team Work Makes The Dream Work

PW Podcast

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda talk all about the components of teamwork, from real and honest communication, problem-solving together, to what a woman is like when she is hurt. Amanda offers great insight into tone and body language when communicating to one another in emotionally charged situations and Nicholas talks about the most productive dates you can go on together while still having some of the best times of your life with your partner.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:12 ] Productive Weekend
  • [ 04:16 ] Understanding
  • [ 07:00 ] Problem Solving Together
  • [ 08:18 ] Dealing in Reality
  • [ 09:16 ] A Woman Who is Hurt
  • [ 10:30 ] Tone
  • [ 11:45 ] Teamwork
  • [ 13:34 ] Dates



  • for a lot of the guys out there, there’s usually this separation of what needs to happen in business and what’s going on in the relationship. A lot of it comes down to understanding. We always talk about the communication and the purpose of communication isn’t for someone to be right or wrong, but to better understand each other, and the more you can understand each other, the more you can fall in love with each other. So when it comes to business, I’ve noticed that some of the guys out there building their business. Their wife absolutely hates it and they don’t understand what their spouse is doing whatsoever. All of it comes down to understanding why are you doing what you’re doing. As a partner, we should want to better understand that so we can provide better support.
  • Many people create a world in their own head and don’t actually have facts or real data behind their thoughts. So they continue to be stuck in their beliefs all the time and then if they ever do blow up on the person and the person goes, oh my bad, I didn’t even mean that. So it just means that for the last one week, two weeks, two months, two years, 20 years, that person was thinking of something that wasn’t real. It wasn’t real. They created the reality in their head. The biggest thing you can do is nip it in the bud as fast as possible. Do the correct things to get over it as quickly as possible and communicate to have an understanding. So at least the things that are being thought about are in fact reality.