Super Bowl Champion to Motivational Speaker with Devin Wyman

The 3 dimensional Businessman

Today Nicholas interviews Devin Wyman, a superbowl champion, California native, multi stage speaker, and BDB nonprofit member. Devin talks with Nicholas about his rough start into success, The Winning Edge, his nonprofit organization geared towards impacting kids, and



  • [ 02:45 ] High Price for a Low Living
  • [ 04:08 ] Historic Opportunities
  • [ 06:06 ] Male Mentorship
  • [ 11:45 ] It’s Not About You
  • [ 14:21 ] Champions
  • [ 17: 16 ] Coaching with Honor
  • [ 20:17 ] Passion for Outreach
  • [ 30:01 ] Creating an Impact



  • It’s so important to have a male mentor as a man, because often time as men we need an example to follow, someone who can speak into our lives knowing and understanding where we are coming from as men. When children are growing up without a father they often find that there isn’t someone there to nourish their “why”, why and how to be a man, why they need to have a healthy balance between work and personal life, why they need to invest in their relationships and marriage.
  • The #1 thing about being a champion is taking care of your body. Lebron James spent 1 million dollars on his body because he realized that it’s his vehicle, his biggest priority. When you get the opportunity to be around guys who are focused on caring for their bodies, taking full responsibility, it’ll also become your way in life, and that of your household.
  • When you get ready to go for a game you get an itinerary, you know the times for everything from bus and plane transport, to practice and game times. When you are under a coach you have to respect your coach, you won’t go over your coaches head. There is however, a difference between coaches and teachers, someone who is a teacher takes the time to show someone how to execute for excellence.