Started from the Bottom with Jarrod Glandt

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Nicholas flew all the way out to Miami to interview VP of Sales for Grant Cardone, Jarrod Glandt. Jarrod initially struggled with finding his calling. He was sleeping on a blow up mattress, looking for a way to make ends meet. After many unsuccessful tries, Jarrod finally landed a job with Grant Cardone at the young age of 26. After Grant saw his potential for success, Jarrod was promoted to VP of Sales. Take a listen!


Timestamped Show Notes:

[01:07] Working with Grant Cardone

[05:15] Dependence

[07:00] 10X

[12:12] Growth

[14:01] The Right Vehicle

[15:35] Money Motivated

[17:10] Ideal Life

[18:17] Reason to Make Money

[20:05] Jarrod Then Vs. Jarrod Now



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Be willing to work for someone before working for yourself. It’s a form of self-discipline.

“You’re going to be underpaid for the rest of your life, but if you’re lucky, you’ll be overpaid. You’ll never be paid what you’re worth.” – Grant Cardone


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