Build a Social Media Empire with Jason Stone

JasonStone (1)

Today Nicholas interviews Jason Stone, who is best known as the millionaire mentor. Jason is a social media guru having grown several accounts to over 1 million followers and offering his skills and insight to clients through his millionaire mentor site and leadership in social media influence.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 04:44 ] The Back Story
  • [ 05:27 ] Starting with Social Media
  • [ 07:50 ] Generating an Audience
  • [ 11:05 ] Money on the Mind
  • [ 17:43 ] Responsibility of Impact
  • [ 20:04 ] Branding
  • [ 28:53 ] Content Distribution



  • When you begin by adding value through your social media you can build trust with your audience, don’t hold back on what you have to offer. If you are a carpet cleaning company you should teach your audience how to clean their own carpets without selling them you’re services. You might think you are giving away your trade secrets but people by for convenience. So although you taught them how to do it themselves, they will buy your services because you took the time to teach them a built their trust.
  • When you lack confidence in a relationship you will have to work to adapt to your partners fame or success. It’s important to be adaptable in a relationship and offer support to one another.
  • Content used to king but distribution is now king. You can have great content but if no one sees it you won’t grow. The best way to distribute is to get shoutouts on other accounts as well as mentions and shares. Having people screenshot and share you account in their stories with reasons why they should follow you. Focus also on your bio and first sixe posts representing what you do.