Skyrocket Your Love Life with Gio Toccaceli


Today Nicholas sits down to talk with relationship expert Giordana Toccaceli about how to be a high-quality man in a relationship and all about what women want. Giordana runs a women’s community filled with over   

Time Stamped Notes:

  • [ 03:05 ] What Men Want
  • [ 06:37 ] High-Value Women and Men
  • [ 12:31 ] What Women Want
  • [ 16:00 ] Get Out There
  • [ 19:00 ] Plan. Pursue. Communicate.
  • [ 23:45 ] Making Your Choice
  • [ 33:25 ] Commitment
  • [ 39:00 ] Monogamy
  • [ 41:20 ] Becoming a High-Value Man



  • Masculine energy: A man who is self-defining, clear in who he is, is driven, takes charge owns his life, is chivalrous and a gentleman towards the opposite sex, breaks through and takes full responsibility for his actions, centers in his power, succeeds, he is resourceful. Feminine Energy: Sensuality, connection, prioritizing feelings and emotions over everything, everything to do with the soul, being in the present moment.
  • A woman feels safe with a man who is responsible, who isn’t passive in life, who looks to move the family in the direction of progress. When a woman has to take on a masculine role because the man won’t or can’t the women will lose her respect for him and feeling of safety. When a man is fulfilling his role as a leader and stepping into his responsibilities, women will feel safe, erotic, sexually and emotionally attracted to him.
  • If you’re a CEO of a company you are setting a vision, you know what direction you are moving in, you have a plan, your clarity. When you are with a woman you should also always be clarifying what it is she is stepping into with you. When you communicate with her be brief and clean, have a plan, “would you like to go out to dinner with me at ( Time) (day)….” This is the plan. When a man presents a plan she will feel feminine, cared for and safe.