The Power of Giving Back with Chris Harder


Today Nicholas sits down to talk with Chris Harder. Chris host’s podcast, For The Love of Money, and in today’s episode, he offers us a lot of practical and applicable things you can do to exponentially grow your income, make a bigger impact with your money and have fun while doing it.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 2:30 ] Working with Your Significant Other.
  • [ 9:00 ] Learning from the People Around You.
  • [ 13:00 ] Material Things
  • [ 16:34 ] Podcast Inspiration: Money Mindset
  • [ 21:17 ] Experiencing Resistance
  • [ 28:38 ] Personal Growth
  • [ 35:09 ] Getting into Giving
  • [ 38:21 ] Daily Actionable Items



  • Is it easy to work with your significant other? The number one thing you have to learn is communication. When you come home you can’t communicate in a hierarchy. You have to learn what form of communication resonates with your partner. How do you want me to react? What is the best response that I can have to this question or that? At the end of the day, you are two people in love so you may get passionate or allow yourself to be short with one another. Have patience and be open to learning with each other.
  • Your ceiling is our floor: you get to take the struggles someone else has been throw and experienced and use their mistakes as a launchpad for you to bypass the mistakes and continue growing and learning. You don’t have to lose it all, you don’t have to have a giant wake up moment. If you are willing to invest in learning and listening you can avoid a lot of mistakes yourself.
  • If it is a car or a home or a certain bag that has you waking up to hustle and kick butt, as a result of hustling you can create a revenue machine, your company. Once you get the car, the bag, the house, a few things happen. Number one, you’re revenue machine is up and thriving, number two, you get what you wanted and you will usually have a moment when you realize that the thing you got is cool but it’s not as cool as you originally thought, what else is there? Then you’ll be motivated to see what else you can do with your money, you’ll want to find the ways that you can influence and impact. The ultimate reward is making an impact.
  • Most people know what they want to be doing right now but they are not moving forward for one reason or another. Many times the thing holding them back is fear, fear of being judged, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection. The key is figuring out what fear is holding you back, acknowledged it, and then list all of the possible outcomes. When you take a look at all the outcomes of doing what you want to do you will realize that the worst thing that could happen is not that bad, you make your peace and learn to live with it.
  • The world needs what you have to offer. How dare you, in order to protect yourself, not share your gifts and ability with the world. When you hold back, you’re not only selling yourself short but you’re also holding back on anyone who could benefit from you.
  • One of Chris’ favorite way to get into giving is to attend a high-end philanthropic gala. Find a cause you love, go to their gala, buy a couple of tickets, they will be a little bit expensive but the money goes towards that cause. Being surrounded by philanthropists and business members around you is inspirational and it’s a great time to network, all of the doers and all the influencers are there. There is a special bond created when you giving together.   



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