The Billion Dollar Body Live speaker Jesse Krieger talks with us today about the pro’s and con’s of traditional book publishing and offers a unique alternative. Jesse Krieger is a two time best selling author as well as CEO and Founder of Lifestyle Entrepreneur.

He debunks the common fears and hesitations that can come about as you are thinking about writing your book.

Jesse also walks us through the process of writing and publishing a book, everything from creating an outline to building your audience.




Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:00 ] Jesse shares with his early entrepreneur days and how he started his book.
  • [ 4:50 ] Jesse breaks down the points that have helped him build a successful business.
  • [ 6:15 ] Entrepreneur expectations and realities in publishing a book.
  • [  8:34 ] Jesse shares the reasoning behind starting a publishing company based on his experience with publishers.
  • [ 10:22 ] Most common motivators to write a book versus the most positive reasons to write a book.
  • [ 13:57 ] Debunking the fears of writing a book.
  • [ 17:02 ] Making writing your book a priority.
  • [ 17:29 ] Overview of the writing and publishing process
  • [ 27:46 ] Traditional Publisher’s Marketing and the difference with Jesse’s company.
  • [ 35:15 ] Jesse talks about the 8-week experience program.


  1. If you feel called or compelled to write a book you should do it. It may not be easy but it will be worth while. Your book has the potential for impact and transformation, you have the opportunity to have a material impact on people’s lives.
  2. Many people are waiting for “someday” to write their book but someday isn’t a day on the calendar. More often than not it takes a cataclysmic event for people to make their book a priority. But it doesn’t need to be that way. You simply have to make the decisions that your book is your priority.
  3. The journey and process of writing your book is the perfect opportunity to build your following and audience. By including your followers you build a core group of people who have been involved in your metamorphosis as an entrepreneur into a thought leader.

Resources Mentioned:

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  • Best Sellers Summit Online-
  • Author to Entrepreneur Experience-

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