High Ticket Sales with Dan Lok


Today Nicholas sits down with Dan Lok, a high ticket sales expert. They discuss Dan’s unique background and how he’s demolished limiting beliefs to build his success. Dan shares how to close high ticket sales and the difference between closure and salesmen, the types of demand and the formula to close a buyer. Dan breaks down the three level of high ticket closing, the mindset of congratulations, mentorship that changed Dan’s life, and what it truly takes to be a 3-dimensional businessman.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 05:10 ] Writing Copy
  • [ 10:28 ] Types of Demand
  • [ 11:55 ] Sales vs. Closing
  • [ 15:30 ] Financial Commitment
  • [ 17:50 ] Three Levels of High Ticket Closing
  • [ 25:31 ] Lead Flow
  • [ 30:40 ] Shift Perspectives
  • [ 35:30 ] Mentorship
  • [ 40:05 ] 3 Dimensional Businessman


  • When faced with blatant opposition you can reflect on the way you communicate your values. You could choose to blame but at the end of the day, nobody cares who you are blaming what on and why, the blame does not yield results nor does it accomplish anything. What does accomplish more than anything is working on yourself, refining your communication, it doesn’t matter how good you are or how good your product is, how good your service is or how nice you are…if you do not know how to close a sale you will never be successful in high ticket sales.
  • Existing Demand: Existing demand is when you have a client looking for a specific product to fulfill a want need or desire. Clients with an existing demand go, look, and buy. The second type of demand is created demand. When it comes to created demand your marketing needs to be different, you need to education, inspirer, and create desire. Once you’ve created the desire you can present the solution. “Hey this may be something you never thought of before but this could actually solve the problem you have.” This formula makes sense to the buyer. There is a big difference between sales and closing, a lot of people sell very few people close. You don’t make money selling you make money closing.