High Performance Habits Revealed with Jairek Robbins

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This week Nicholas brings on Jairek Robbins, high-performance coach, and they talked about his transformation from a boy into a man, through the opportunities he seized and the hard work he put in. Jairek shares the many lessons he’s learned in traveling the world, having a near death experience and how self-introspection can revitalize your business and relationship with your clients.


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 01:07 ] Understanding the Process of Transformation
  • [ 05:00 ] When Opportunity Strikes
  • [ 10:58 ] Gaining Perspective
  • [ 17:45 ] Growing Your Business
  • [ 20:00 ] Abroad in the World
  • [ 30:41 ] Living Each Day Fully  



  • There is a missing element in society to challenge a young person to allow them to transform from a child into an adult. Take time to realize when there is an opportunity in front of you when that opportunity can bring you a large amount of return by delivering solid value to your clients. You never know when opportunities will be up, fall in love with hard work and the process of it. Be willing to redevelop yourself through proof and challenges. When you have explored your opportunities you will arrive at a point of looking at life and wondering what if worth investing my time in.
  • When you look at generational conditioning you will find that you don’t have to create a time in history to toughen a generation up, time will do that on its own, the real question is how do you prepare the next generation. When there is a misuse of power is often taken away but that is not always a good thing because that may be removing the component that helps the next generation toughen up. How do we reignite a natural toughness in humanity? Optimize and maximize your own situation. Be hungry.  
  • In growing your business: how many people know you exist, how many of those people have you gather contact information from, how many of those people have you turned into customers, what price point did they buy at, how often did they buy. If you take those five numbers and take time to work and rework those numbers to get them to go up you will see your business grow.
  • How to live a high-performance life: Make sleep, nutrition and exercise your priority, discover how to enjoy what you are doing, have the ability to stay laser-focused on the task at hand while being aware of the chaos around you.