Bulletproof Your Mindset with Joost Janssen


Joost Janssen was a former Navy SEAL. After leaving special operations, he started working in Hollywood as a trainer, military adviser, stunt performer, and actor.

In this episode, Joost talks about getting through the current economic collapse and how to confidently keep following through high-pressure environments.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:03] Who Is Joost?

[5:58] Going Through An Identity Change

[9:16] Inside The Movie Business

[14:23] Comparing The New Economic Collapse To 2008 

[20:55] High-Pressure Environments

[24:33] Preparing To Show Up Confidently

[28:43] Certainty To A Clear Path

[34:09] How To Not Give Up On Yourself

[52:27] Following Through On Thoughts And Actions

[1:07:03] Change In The Economy And Money

[1:22:27] Tenacity In Today’s Market



  1.  Accept new reality quickly and move forward and don’t linger in the past.
  2.  Sometimes you just have to accept your loss and move on. There is no point or benefit in holding onto it.
  3.  Frame your mindset from what can’t you do to what can you do
  4. There’s no such thing as certainty. Things constantly happen out of your control and that’s just life.
  5. Don’t dismiss things that can have a positive impact in your life  out of fear



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