How to Create Your Billion Dollar Body

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In today’s episode, Nicholas sits down to talk with us about creating a Billion Dollar Body, the mindset, realization, and care required to get the best out of your body. He compares the mentalities he comes across in the health world, talks about the power of investing in yourself and give you applicable tips that you can begin applying your life today.



Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 0:19 ] Creating a Billion Dollar Body: Realization
  • [ 3:00 ] Health = Foundation
  • [ 5:15 ] Power and Confidence
  • [ 8:00 ] Freedom: 100% Reliant on Yourself
  • [ 10:55 ] Priorities: Top Three
  • [ 13:30 ] Food Pyramid and Hormone Balance


  • The first step to creating a Billion Dollar Body is realizing that you already have one. When you realize that your body is already worth more than a billion dollars you will take the time and put in the energy to care for your body. The best investment you can make is in yourself. “Don’t wish things were easier. Wish you were better.”-Jim Rohn.
  • Motivation comes from the outside whereas inspiration is an internal and emotional connection. When Nicholas made health a cornerstone in his life he began building a foundation that would help him gain confidence and increased his self-esteem.
  • Until you figure out how you can physically create success over and over again your results will only be temporary. Finding the way to maintain your results with focused action and consistency will give you the results you want. You will find your confidence and power because no one can take your dedication and action away from you. Even if you lose everything because of outside factors you now have the key to replicate the success you have experienced, you can always grow and reinvent because no one is in control of you or your success, only you are.
  • Health: No one can do it for you. That’s the beauty of it. Your health is only reliant on you. You never have to rely on a trainer or health coach again because you have to key to your own success.


Thanks for listening,
Nicholas Bayerle

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