What Happens When You Put 25 Businessmen in a Las Vegas Mansion


Today member’s our the Billion Dollar Brotherhood Elite join Nicholas to recap our most recent, Vegas mastermind for high-level businessmen. They talk about everything that goes into a mastermind weekend, from select speakers to growth within the brotherhood. Each of the guys shares his personal experience, what they love about the brotherhood, and what they are doing today to level up as men!


  • [ 01:36 ] Transformation
  • [ 08:00 ] Education
  • [ 18:14 ] Relationships
  • [ 22:42 ] Accountability
  • [ 30:32 ] Personalities
  • [ 37:09 ] Vulnerability


  • The Billion Dollar Brotherhood offers high-quality speakers, speaking on their area of expertise from creating funnels, to youtube channel videos, to step by step content creation. Each speaker gives actionable items to apply immediately to your business and sees drastic differences.
  • When men are leveling up and taking responsibility, their women will 100% stand behind them and support them with an interest in how to serve their men better. Women are motivated to love selflessly when their men are leading selflessly.   
  • Having other men hold you and push you to meet a standard and get out of your comfort zone will push you to be more than you ever could be because you have support. If you walk alone you will miss out on opportunities and will have you holding yourself back in many ways.