#10 Power Couple Episode: The Grass Isn’t Always Greener

The 3 dimensional Businessman (7)

Welcome back to the Billion Dollar Body Podcast! This is episode #10 of the Power Couple Series! Nicholas and Amanda hit it hard this week talking about the power couple dynamic, how to craft a daily declaration, and how to love what you have in your partner.


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 01:59 ] This Weeks Wins
  • [ 03:16 ] Power Couple Dynamic
  • [ 06:32 ] 30 Day Challenge
  • [ 07:53 ] Think and Grow Rich Statement
  • [ 10:37 ] Not Always Greener
  • [ 13:40 ] Water the Grass You Have
  • [ 17:00 ] Focus on the Positive



  • Everyone can be a power couple. Many people think you have to work together in a business, or when the wife is super dominant. However, all it takes is having a like-minded vision to a similar place or direction you two are headed, using your talents, skills, and abilities to support each other in getting to that place. So together to people going after one vision using their strengths. You often need to make your relationship your higher priority.
  • A Think and Grow Rich Statement is created with the purpose to dial in, a declaration that you say out loud every morning and then a touchstone that you can go back to recenter you throughout the day. This is typically made for the amount of money you want to make in a specific amount of time, but the main purpose is to help you emotionalize and visual your connection to your goals, which is why you can use it for many other benchmarks besides your money goals.  
  • Focus on the Positive things that you already have, especially before you get to anything you want to work on because you will only see those thing a negative lense. The world will continue to confirm your belief until you change your belief system or mindset. Find what you love about your partner and let them know. What you focus on increases. You will feel more love when you focus on how amazing your partner is and what you love about them.   




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