Chasing Your Dream with Chase Maher

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Chase Maher is a real estate entrepreneur and podcast host with a passion of creating passive income where you can enjoy time freedom. In this episode, Chase starts out by discussing what lead to building his brand and how it all began. Later in the episode, he goes on to talk about building a life worth living.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:40] Growing Up as Chase Maher

[4:55] Being Put Through Tough Situations to Build Grit

[7:07] The Pressures Throughout School

[9:05] Disconnect That Lead to Burning Through Cash and Partying

[11:16] Guilt Was His Reality Check That Lead to a Better Life

[13:40] Success As a Realtor

[16:50] Constantly Bettering Yourself By Occasional Reflection

[20:10] Realizing You Have Options With Your Life

[23:25] Building a Life Worth Living

[27:06] Not Going Back to What Was Familiar by Persevering and Using Your Skillset

[30:33] Open to Anything and Everything While Going to Events

[33:24]  Business Progression Since the First BDB Live

[38:12] Give, Give, Ask To Be a Valuable Brother

[44:20] Skill Sets Created Allowed Him to Have Abundance



  1. Your environment can really impact who you are as a person. Who you surround yourself with is vital to the growth of yourself.  Involve yourself with what you want to positively become and it will help you evolve as a person.
  2. Put yourself in a position where there is only upside. Write down all the things in your life you’re doing wrong and cut them out.
  3. Every day try to be better than you were the day before and occasionally take some time to reflect.
  4. No longer think that “ignorance is bliss”, start realizing you have options to try in life. Your skillset is leverage to grow yourself.



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“If you can get through things at a young age, your skin gets very thick and that’s gonna help you later down the road”


“Humans make mistakes, eliminate the possibility of mistakes”


“Skills, Knowledge, Application”


“Reflect on experiences, not what ifs”