087: From $12,500 to Millions with Timothy Sykes

tim sykes

Intro: Today, Nicholas interviews stock trader and full-time teacher Timothy Sykes. Timothy took $12,500 and made it well over a million dollars, and has traded with that in the penny stock market, and has created a social following. Featured by many business and financial media outlets, traveling to over 80 countries, Timothy is always on the move, learning each and every day.


Timestamped Show Notes:

[01:45] Teacher

[05:00] Opportunity

[11:08] Being Real

[14:25] Master

[18:30] Introspection

[22:45] Utilizing Social Outlets

[29:30] Why People Choose Tim

[40:15] Continually Helping



  • Be real. People appreciate that more than the image you want to portray.
  • Always keep learning and feeding your brain.
  • Teach others what you know.


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