The Secret To Online Influence with Jase Bennett

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Jase Bennett started out in real estate, proceeding to own a skateboard company. He later pushed his wife to get on Youtube which 9 months later reached profit. With his six kids, they have a collection of over 2 million followers on Youtube alone.

In this week’s episode, Jase talks about Youtube, social media, and how to monetize your personal brand.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:55] Overview Of Personal Brand

[7:27] The Start Of Jase Boards

[9:38] Getting His Wife To Start YouTube

[14:47] Being Stand Alone On Each Platform

[19:33] Monetizing And Getting Brand Deals

[22:05] Closest Recipe To Guarantee Success

[26:43] Using Social Media Platforms To Market Yourself

[31:00] Building A Following With A Big Family

[37:06] The Impact Of Social Media

[43:30] Practical Way Of Starting To Build Social Media



  1.  Work full time on paying your bills and part time on paying your fortune.
  2.  Creating your own product line will make you way more money than getting brand deals.
  3.  Never let the numbers define you and who you are.
  4. Find a shareable way to get your message out there. Find a way to get somebody else to want to share your message. If no one is sharing it, it’s not there.



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