The Secret To Getting Lean with Dr. Joe Klemczewski

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Dr. Joe Klemczewski is a health scientist and former bodybuilder who created a wellness corporation, a fitness facility, and a sports supplement company specializing in proprietary protein formulations. In this episode, he discusses not only the differences of coming into the industry now versus back then but also touches on how he teaches his clients to be independent through precepts like flexible dieting.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:30] Coming Into The Industry

[7:35] Transitioning From a Brick and Mortar Company to The Next Level

[11:30] Opinions On College or Certification

[13:05] The Future is Certifications

[17:08] Saving Time And Money Through Dr. Klemczewski’s Certification Program

[20:54] Having a Principled Plan For The Clients

[24:10] Teaching Clients to Be Independent Through Precepts Like Flexible Dieting

[25:15] Start off Eating Correct Amounts of Protein, Carbs, and Fats Then Implementing Healthier Options

[29:53] The Macro Doc Calculator

[32:10] Where To Reach Dr. Joe Klemczewski  



  1. The future of coming into this industry is changing in the way of education. Before, you couldn’t be in this profession unless you went to college. Now, you can get training and work toward certification.
  2. To hit your body weight goals, body fat percentages and increase muscle mass start off eating correct amounts of protein, carbs, and fats in every meal. Then take it from there to implementing healthier options when you can to meet those internal goals.



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