Survival to Significance with Nicholas Bayerle


Today Nicholas sits down for an in-depth solo episode talking with us about the top two investments we should make as men, your community, and the ultimate break down of your progression as a man from survival to significance.   


Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:39 ] Investments
  • [ 05:24 ] Community
  • [ 06:08 ] Giving Money Away
  • [ 07:12 ] Stuck in Stability
  • [ 08:10 ] Fear of Failure
  • [ 10:05 ] Survival to Success
  • [ 15:30 ] The Ultimate Goal
  • [ 17:00 ] Stepping Stones
  • [ 18:45 ] Ten Things
  • [ 20:44 ] Mission and Vision



  • The top two things that you can invest your finances and see the biggest growth. The number one investment you can make is in yourself. Number one. Number two is in your own business first. Most people think they’re going to make money and go invest in a stock or going to go invest in someone else’s business or to invest in something. The number one thing that you can invest in as yourself first your education because no one can take it away from you and the second thing is going out and reinvesting into your own business to see that growth that you want to have.
  • There’s plenty of people out there that are broken up, terrible relationships. There’s plenty of people out there that have great relationships that never figure out how to build wealth or how to take care of themselves. There’s plenty of people that have two out of three, but having three out of three is just a phenomenal thing that we call three-dimensional businessman in a proprietary way to make that happen. And so knowing that focusing on your business gives you more ability to go out there and execute on your health, that gives you more ability to go out there and invest in your relationships. It gives you more freedom and there are different things in each one of these things. Impact.
  • There are the four stages of life, survival, stability, success, and significance. And I always tell the guys what? What category are you in right now? Are you in survival mode where you’re just like hammering away like you need to make something happen. Don’t have a goal to go from survival mode to significance right away. So many guys out there like, oh my goodness, I would just love to help people. I would love to give money away. I would love to buy people’s stuff and that’s something that you definitely want to have inside of your mind, but it’s not the first step to focus on. You can’t just decide to go from homeless to philanthropists. It does not happen that way. You have not done the steps. You have not done the things to earn the title of philanthropist. You can’t just go from never playing basketball to becoming a professional basketball player. That’s not what you do. That’s not the place that you go. You can’t go from being a nobody to an influencer. It just does not happen that way. So figure out what are you. When are you in survival mode and you need to get to stability.