Secrets From A 50k Mastermind with Nicholas Bayerle

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This week, Nicholas Bayerle switches it up with an episode about messages from a 50k Mastermind. Listen to him discuss portions of how the mastermind impacted his thoughts and his takeaways.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:02] 50k To Be In One Room

[5:03] Three Points To A Sale

[6:58] Building A Brand By Being Vulnerable

[8:09] Shifting Your Mindset Into Thinking Everyone Has Money

[9:11] The Power Of Growing Your Business Inside Of Sales

[12:17] Keeping Yourself Accountable For Your Own Success

[15:02] Surround Yourself With Like-minded Men At BDB Live



  • You need to prosper in health, wealth, and relationships in you want to do this life right.
  • The difference between a cost and an investment is the return you get from it.
  • Three points to sell are emotional selling, urgency, and scarcity.
  • People love to buy and be sold but hate to be convinced.
  • Invest in yourself to keep yourself accountable for the success that you want.



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