Get Outside Your Comfort Zone with Caleb Maddix


Caleb Maddix is a 16 year old self made millionaire utilizing repetitive tactics, from social to communication, helping men taking their businesses to the next level without sacrificing their personal lives, relationships, and health. Caleb’s mission is to offer freedom, he wants to be offer people jobs.



  • [ 02:15 ] Get Out of Your Comfort Zone.
  • [ 06:37 ] Habits
  • [ 09:09 ] Results
  • [ 11:08 ] Community
  • [ 13:05 ] Focus
  • [ 17:24 ] Sales System



  • “I’m not going to pay you for the things that you’re not going to get paid for later on in life, I’m going to pay you for the things that you will be paid for. I’m not going to pay you to take out the trash because you’ll end up being trash man. Being a trashman is fine but you’ve got bigger aspirations than that. Instead I’m going to pay you for the books you read.” Caleb’s dad made the decisions that he wasn’t going to give Caleb an allowance for his chores, instead he was going to pay him for continuing in to learn through reading success books and implementing the things he learned.
  • The number 1 problem with people is that they are two soft. If you want to have success you have to get out of your comfort zone. Do simple things to get you out of your comfort zone, like take cold showers. “Discipline is choosing between what you want and what you want more.”
  • No one can stop someone who gets results. If you have results it doesn’t matter what people say it doesn’t matter who disagrees with you. If you get  results long enough even the people who didn’t to work with you in the beginning will have to. Small minded people will never be impressed by big achievements.