Men’s Hormones, Hair Loss, and Hangovers with Christopher Walker


Today Nicholas interviews BDB Live Speaker Christopher Walker, a men’s health guru, connected with KinoBody, TruthNutra, and author of Master Your T. Christopher and Nicholas dive deep into health trends and challenge ideas that have been adopted over the years.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:38 ] What Launched Christopher into Health
  • [ 06:09 ] Pack Mentality in Diet Trends
  • [ 11:35 ] How to Get Around Trends
  • [ 16:35 ] Check Your Levels
  • [ 18:55 ] Changes in Your Everyday Products
  • [ 25:15 ] The Better “Unnatural” Products
  • [ 32:26 ] The Industry Agenda
  • [ 36:21 ] Minimize the Damage While Traveling
  • [ 41:11 ] Optimize Your Body First


  • “Is what I’m doing taking away from my bodies basic organ functions?” This is a framework question to base you health judgment on. Typically our most perfect state of health is after we are born, hypometabolism, healthy skin and hair. So the thing to consider is what is taking away from that perfect state of health. This even applies to body care products like soaps.
  • You can check your levels through air and blood analysis, this helps discover what is being blocked and how your organs are functioning. Be willing to invest the money into addressing the problems rather than sticking a band-aid on it and paying more in the long run for not addressing the underlying issue.
  • Food is your biggest exposure to blockers because of the stuff in the food that you include in your daily regimen. Most cities have natural grocery stores and farmers markets that offer good locally sourced foods that serve your body better, from produce to meats. Heavy metals, from mercury tooth fillings to enriched flour, can affect your thyroid. Soaps can induce allergies because of unnatural products that are often added in. It’s not unreasonable to think about the things in your everyday products especially when it could have extreme effects on your body.