#11 Power Couple Episode: The Difference Between Men and Women


Welcome back to another episode of the Power Couple Podcast! This week Nicholas and Amanda discuss the difference between men and women, covering everything from communication, to the ways the two genders process information and situations, to some great resources to help you and your partner grow closer.


  • [ 01:30 ] Nonnegotiable
  • [ 05:00 ] Do It Anyway
  • [ 09:53 ] Learning Curve
  • [ 10:37 ] Communication
  • [ 13:47 ] Men and Women
  • [ 19:27 ] The Little Things



  • It’s interesting how when you are doing something that you will do really well at, it can increase pressure in your life. As we know pressure can expose weakness, it doesn’t create it. It’s like a pipe, pressure with make a pipe burst at its weakest point. You’ve probably been there in your relationship, where you’ve been excited about something and then you get turned off to it. One of the biggest things is that when you think that you don’t want to do something your physiology and mental state changes. But if you know what you’re committed to you have the ability to push through. It’s interesting that the biggest pressures can sometimes lead to you’re biggest breakthroughs.
  • The more we learn the more accountable we become to our knowledge. SO once you learn something it’s hard to go back on it because you know you should be taking action on it. Continue to learn with a childlike open mindedness, some of the biggest things that will shift your perspective will be things that give you a deeper understanding. Like your personality style tests or once you understand that men love through solving problems, and women solve problems by talking them out. Men when going through a hard time tend to go into seclusion and so understanding and having patience through communication is the best foundation to rely on and practice frequently.
  • Take 100% responsibility 100% of the time. Always look for how you change and show up better. Look at it as you growing rather than fixing them. For the men out there, if your woman is complaining about something, tell her to go handle it, tell her to go do whatever she needs to do to feel better about it. Give your woman the permission to take care of herself.



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