How to Market to Generation Z with Connor Blakely


Today Nicholas talks with Connor Blakely, a Gen Z business consultant, partnering with fortune 500 business and companies like Sprint, model sports, HootSuite, speaking at events and conferences, teaching them trends that will help them communicate with the next up and coming generation.

Connor drops tips on how you can communicate with each generation in the marketplace and capitalize on your wealth through trend spotting.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 2:17 ] Communicating to the Generations: Youthful Branding
  • [ 6:28 ] Youth Culture.
  • [ 9:20 ] Connor’s Backstory.
  • [ 18:18 ] Generation Changes.
  • [ 28:30 ] Applicable Brand Changes.
  • [ 30:30 ] Goals vs. Vision.



  • Create a youthful brand. Youth is synonymous with: cool, fun, relevant, culturally relevant, and engaging. The culture code for sales and business in the USA is youth, being youthful is something all generations resonate with and want to attain.. When a business or brand incorporates youthful traits in their marketing or general appeal they become more relevant, interesting, and attractive to all generations.
  • There is a new “Youth Culture” that is spanning the generations. While we used to be in a top downtrend, where older generations dictated the trends of the younger generations, we’ve reversed that and are now seeing the younger generation dictate the older. From the way technology is used, to communication, politics, entertainment, fashion trends, marketing, economics. By paying attention to culture your company can use cues from pop culture to make ads that appeal to the current trends that people are following.  
  • Double down on humanization over what you would do through digital. If you would send a tweet to a follow change it up and make it more personal. Connor’s example: As a brand, you should hire high school interns, have them go through all of your brand’s social media followers and send a personal note via mail, “Hey Todd, love your sunset picture, thanks for following us.” – Send in the mail. Human connection is timeless as is communication. When you can make a genuine in person connection your filling the biggest need and desire for humanity.
  • Twitter is the most powerful tool as well as Instagram video ads. You can use keywords on Twitter to reach and connect with potential leads and clients.




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