How to Start a Luxury Product Brand with Andrew Beltran


Today Nicholas Bayerle talks with BDB Live 2.0 Sponsor Andrew Beltran. Andrew is the co-owner of Original Grain, a unique watch company, started on Kickstarter to become 20 million dollars a year company, created from passion and heritage.

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:09 ] Building a Company from Passion
  • [ 06:11 ] 25k in 24 hours
  • [ 07:09 ] Kickstarter for Businesses
  • [ 12:00 ] Business Partners
  • [ 14:21 ] Quality Product
  • [ 20:00 ] Building Connections
  • [ 24:10 ] Roadblocks
  • [ 29:15 ] Giving Back



  • Kickstarter gave Andrew the foundation to finalize his business plan, get operational producers in line, set up his digital marketing and product quality as a first-time business owner. He and his brother built up their business fundamentals, from shipping to the customer communication, timelines with suppliers, allowing them to understand what it really takes to get a company off the ground and thriving, with all options open to scale your business in the future.
  • When it comes down to choosing a business partner, the biggest key is trust. If you can trust your partner and have set plans of how many hours you will both be putting in, your goals and long-term visions, positive gains you are looking to get out of the business.
  • When you have a relationship with your product, when you are passionate about it, you’re customers will be motivated by that story. It becomes a great conversation piece for your customers to share, but also gives you the quality you want in order to engage high-level partnerships, gives your customer the feeling of being a part of something, and offers a premium experience.