Life Of An Entrepreneur with Patrick Bet David


Patrick Bet David is the CEO of PHP Agency. He was a refugee turned entrepreneur who teaches entrepreneurship and personal development. In this episode, listen to Patrick talk about the importance of social media and influence has on not only our society but the world of politics. He also goes into depth on what the life of an entrepreneur is like.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:07] Choosing The Life Of An Influencer

[8:29] Balancing Good Content With Distribution

[14:25] Positives And Negatives As An Immigrant

[18:58] Instilling Reality To Kids

[24:20] Influence Of America As A Whole

[34:50] Political Manipulation

[38:42] Growing Personally



  1. Without social media, no one would power.
  2.  You have to find a niche to focus on. Then have to create depth.
  3. You have to have courage because you’re going to do things in life that you’re going to be scared of.
  4. You have to be understanding because everybody’s living a different life and they’re coming from a different place.
  5. A lot of people communicate to be right and not to truly understand.
  6. Whatever you do to get a partner is what you have to do to keep them.



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