Leadership Secrets With Yigal Adato

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Yigal Adato built a multi-million-dollar business with his brother.

He also was a successful musician. Yigal since has been doing it his way, building a multi six-figure business. 

In this episode, Yigal is going to show you exactly how you can do it as well while overcoming adversity.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:12] Getting Into The Music Business

[6:05] Start Of The Pawn Shop Career

[8:15] Keeping Up With The Times

[12:40] Focus On What You Want

[15:22] Breaking The Cycle 

[20:21] Being A Good Business Leader, Father, And Husband

[23:35] Generations Of Businessmen

[27:28] Lifestyle Change

[36:58] What Is Leadership

[43:26] Current Careers and Projects



  1. Focus on what you want instead of running away from what you don’t want. 
  2. When you end up hitting the goal it’s the process of getting to that goal that makes you who you are.
  3. You can lead and things can happen in your life that might make you not feel like a leader but you can keep moving forward



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