John Spencer Ellis is the Entrepreneurs Coach, a Fitness Expert, and has helped over 500,000 people get jobs. His story of starting with only $20 to his name to being successful today inspires me and I know it will inspire you.

He’s the creator of NESTA which is a top accredited association that helps people get certified to become Personal Trainers and so much more (he even helped Jillian Michaels get started).

Oh and not to mention we are having him speak at our upcoming event Billion Dollar Body Live.

We go into John’s back story and he talks about he got started on the internet when it first came out and why how he capitalized it

In this episode he shares: 
  • His best business advice- treat a client so well that they don’t leave you OR they refer everyone to you.
  • The importance of being open minded and being humble to learn.
  • The power of being healthy and what it does for his life as a business owner.
  • One quick phrase to get conversations started with influencers
  • How to simplify your life.


He says,

The wisest people always say, “Teach me, show me”

I love this episode with John because he talks about networking and why community is so freaking valuable.

If you’re wanting to build a relationship, you must add value to those you value #truth


John states,

The only difference between you and someone successful is they have learned something you have yet to learn.


You are a byproduct of the 5 people you surround yourself with. You need to let people go that are keeping you down.

Always be in a room with people who know different things than you. You should be challenged because if you’re the smartest in any group, you’re in the wrong group. (unless you’re mentoring of course).


He says,

People perceive you differently when you’re healthy.

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Cheers to Looking and Feeling like a Billion Dollars,
Nicholas Bayerle


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