Defining Your Vision with Joel Brown


Joel Brown joins Nicholas today to talk about gaining clarity on what your vision is and how to accumulate the resources to make the visions happen. Joel Brown is a living example of how you can see your visions manifest. After putting together a ten-year vision, Joel is now in year seven of making it happen, with a goal of 10 million visits to his website, Joel now has over 136 million visits on In addition, Joel has just launched a mentorship program.

Time Stamped Show Notes

  • [ 3:34 ] Goals vs. Vision.
  • [ 9:00 ] The Law of Intention.
  • [ 11:00 ] Foundation to Building a Vision
  • [ 16:38 ] Staying on Track and Disciplined.
  • [ 26:00 ] Getting Clear on Your Purpose.
  • [ 28:00 ] Values: Making Your Vision Better
  • [ 32:00 ] Dreams Bigger than Excuses.
  • [ 35:00 ] The People You Surround Yourself With.                                            


  • Goals are good for short-term achievements, goals never achieve goals.  Vision will yield big picture success, a Vision puts you into discipline. Ask yourself: What are you good at, what do you love, what solution will you bring to the world? Align yourself with your values and use your values as your compass. Cast your vision and then reverse engineer it, what do you have to do today and every day from now on in order to see you 10-year visions manifest? Immerse yourself in you’re clarity and master plan. Success is living in your potential as often as possible, in order to do that you must require yourself to be disciplined.
  • The Law of Intention: Sitting down, mapping out your vision, putting action behind your vision. Commit to what is true to you within your heart and believe in what your purpose is.  Don’t get caught up in somebody else’s’ version of success. Focus on increasing the value of your vision. “I’m not talented, I’m just crazy about my mission.” When you are crazy in love with your purpose and mission, your vision will be bigger than just achieving success. Make your vision your chief aim. Don’t settle.
  • If you want to start from a place where you want to get clear on the direction you want to head in, start with your values. Look at the books you have on your shelf, look at your browser history, you’re youtube views, find what inspires you. The more doubt you remove, in the end, all you will be left with is belief and faith. Make and have a list on hand of the things you have achieved that you are proud of, this is your pump-up list. Get clear on what habits you need to add or adjust. Check in with your values and stay true to them and who you are. Look for people who look to overflow you, don’t look for someone to fix, who will fix you, and don’t sacrifice who you are to be like someone else or to be someone else.  




Thanks for listening,

Nicholas Bayerle


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