How To Start A Coaching Business with Taki Moore


Taki Moore is the creator of The World’s #1 Marketing System for Coaches and Consultants. 

In this episode, Taki teaches how to scale your coaching business to seven figures and the importance of finding your perfect clients to work with. 

Timestamped Show Notes:

[5:17] Evolution Of The Company

[8:53] Improving Areas Of Failure

[14:24] Process of Finding The Perfect Clients

[22:19] Framework Of Growing Organically

[26:02] Making Offers 

[34:56] Communication The Value Of The Offer 

[39:46] Sales Strategies



  1. Double down on your strengths. Solve one problem for one type of person
  2. Be really picky about who you choose to help; only take on clients that you are positive that you can help.
  3. Sell your customers what they want but give them what they need. Always put their needs first. 
  4. Lean on process, not personality, process will always work



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