How To Crush It On Instagram with Raymond Ahn


Raymond Ahn is a social media specialist and podcaster. He helps companies grow an internet presence with the use of secrets, tips, and strategies for social media to support them in their growth and gaining online exposure. He currently manages millions of Instagram followers across various niches. In this episode, Raymond explains how you should have a “why” and a real purpose to grow your Instagram.  Also, the reason every business that is trying to grow needs to have a strong online presence through the use of social media. 

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:54] Becoming an Instagram Expert

[9:33] Key Niches On Instagram

[13:21] Why You Should Go All In On Instagram

[19:12] Breaking Down Your Instagram Content

[22:37] The People Behind The Brand

[27:53] Benefits Of Gaining Influence



  1. When starting off, it doesn’t matter how small your following is. What matters is the impact of your vision.
  2. Make sure that you are growing your influence for the right reason. Discover your “why”.
  3. People trust a person so much faster than they can trust a company.
  4. As you gain influence you gain power. Use it as a positive tool.




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