How To Become A Part Of The 1% In Today’s Society with Grant Cardone


Grant Cardone is a speaker on leadership, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, social media, and finance. He consults Fortune 500 companies to customize business strategies and customer experience. In this episode, Grant talks about a variety of topics ranging from the mindset you should have when building an influence to why you should stop trying to reduce risk in life.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:28] Self Sabotage On Your Agenda

[4:31] Mindset Behind Building An Influence

[9:55] Discovering What To Go All In On

[12:23] Pulling On The String Of Opportunity

[17:18] Is Learning From Failure Okay?

[19:50] The Key Of Communication

[24:32] Fear For Missed Opportunity

[31:33] Stop Trying To Reduce Risk

[40:27] Create The Life You Want

[48:53] Importance Of Spirituality



  1.  You cannot become a billionaire without assets that produce cash flow.
  2. Some people can make your life richer and some people can make your life poorer.
  3.  Instead of reading 17 books read one book 17 times until you understand what the author is really saying when they wrote it.
  4. You’ll be much more creative when you have passive income coming in.



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