How To Be A Powerful Man with Nicholas Bayerle


This week, Nicholas discusses not letting your negative thoughts become your feelings. He also explains that you shouldn’t have your move into scarcity mode send you into failure. Consistency is key when you’re going through a rough patch.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[2:04] Staying Consistent

[4:20] Letting Fear Control Your Thoughts

[8:55] Dealing With Derailing Thoughts And Events

[12:27] What Your Going Through Is Not Final

[17:12] Don’t Create Failure In Scarcity Mode



  1. Your thoughts become emotions and so your emotions become your feelings. Your feeling then validates your initial thought.
  2. We all have derailing thoughts or events that send us into a freefall.
  3. Do not make rushed decisions when you’re in a bad state. Stay consistent when you’re going through it.
  4. Freefall state is not final and it will pass. 



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