How To Achieve Your Dreams with Charlie Rocket


Charlie “Rocket” Jabaley is the former manager of 2 Chainz and founding partner at Street Execs. He lost 135 pounds, ran 3 marathons, reversed the growth of a brain tumor, became an Ironman and accomplished his dream of becoming a Nike athlete. In this episode, listen to Charlie speak on the power your ideas have and choosing self-love and positive frequencies in life.

Timestamped Show Note:

[1:15] Hitting Rock Bottom

[3:47] Choosing Life

[12:08] The Power Of An Idea

[18:00] How The “Common Person” Can Achieve Their Dreams 

[26:01] Visualizing Your Future

[34:02] Best Practice To Accomplish Dreams 

[39:43] Increasing Your Frequency

[44:19] Turning Negatives To Positives

[50:04] Putting In Effort With No Result



  1.  When you’re broken all you have left is your truth. Appreciate the darkness as much as you do the colorful, amazing things.
  2. If you want to break the algorithm, touch somebody’s heart. You catalyze passion and you’ll break the algorithm every time.
  3. Think with your heart, not your head. Figure out what you want in your life. 



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