How to Be Happy with Connor Beaton


Today we talk with Connor Beaton. Connor Beaton is the creator and founder of Man talks, a company the is geared towards empowering men and their personal and professional development. Connor drops a ton of knowledge bombs all the way through this episode from finding your purpose to honestly auditing the areas in your life that you need to improve.


Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • [ 01:02 ] Men’s Companies: Empowering Men
  • [ 03:00 ] How Man Talks Came to Be.
  • [ 06:51 ] Responsibility for Social Change.
  • [ 10:14 ] Facilitating Successful Men.
  • [ 14:12 ] Finding Your Purpose: Defining Moments
  • [ 20:28 ] Honest Audit.
  • [ 23:00 ] The Importance of Mentors and Community
  • [ 25:00 ] Finding World Class People to Surround Yourself with.
  • [ 30:05 ] Responsibility and Backwards Law.



  • Men need a space to veer them away from the old paradigms that aren’t working for a lot of men, leaving them unhappy, unsatisfied and unmotivated. Men need role models as well, these types of spaces podcasts, events, communities and groups are absolutely essential to a man’s growth and development.
  • In the last few decades, the power and responsibility of social change have shifted. In our modern era businesses are the ones who are dictating how our societies are changing and shifting, how they look, businesses are shifting the way we live our lives at a fundamental level. It makes sense that people are looking to entrepreneurs as agents of change. People want to have a direct impact on the people they care about the most. Entrepreneurs are looking at some of society’s biggest problems and finding ways to fix them, even the simple everyday problems.
  • Honest Audit: Taking an audit of your life, looking at the areas that are working exceptionally well and those that truly aren’t working. The areas to inspect are business and career, family, personal health, finances, mindset, getting an honest assessment of the positives and the negatives. Identifying who you can connect with and come clean with about some of those truths that you have been unwilling to talk about.