Fashion Tips for Businessmen with Rob Gregg


On today’s episode, Rob Gregg shares the powerful story behind his company Rob McAllan, a shoe company that is reforming the way businessmen and entrepreneurs dress and present themselves. Rob talks about being a GQ Insider and how fashion and presentation can launch you into the next level of your own personal brand and lifestyle.


  • [ 2:24 ] Fashion and Presentation.
  • [ 3:25 ] Rob’s Backstory and Roots.
  • [ 6:00 ] Why Shoes? A Daily Need.
  • [ 9:10 ] A Life Worth Building.
  • [ 12:20 ] Rob McAllan Brand: The Legacy Story of Courage.
  • [ 17:10 ] Giving Back: Rob McAllan Man of The Year.
  • [ 20:48 ] For the Community: A Message.
  • [ 23:00 ] Finding Mentorship and Your Community.
  • [ 27:30 ] GQ Insider
  • [ 30:30 ] Vision Moving Forward: Product and Brand.



  • There used to be a time when men and women stood for something, they were willing to fight for something bigger than themselves, they were willing to wait, they were willing to invest, they had the courage to do things that may not seem safe but they knew in their hearts was right thing to do and was going to lead them to a much greater outcome than a similar and safe lifestyle. With the current generation, our heroes aren’t athletes like they used to be, the heroes of today are entrepreneurs and activists and business leaders, people who are willing to take big risks and come out on top. The Rob McAllan brand is built around the legacy of a family and a time when people walked with courage, “I’m a Rob McAllen man, I wake up and I walk with courage.”
  • At the end of the day, people are animals: we are the most visibly popular species on the planet. We have the strongest survival instinct of any other species. We fight for comfortability. But if we allow ourselves with the opportunity to be uncomfortable with no other alternative than to move forward you will be surprised at how creative and innovative you can be. You’re always going to find a way to make it work. Allow yourself the opportunity to step into the unknown. Have courage and surprise yourself with your innovation. Don’t settle for a safe and similar environment.
  • When you find people that have a passion and positive energy it’s taken in such a different manner. That’s been my key to success, surrounding myself with the right people who can share in my success and I can share in their, sharing stories to learn from. Overall our vision is about looking up not down.