Shawn Stevenson is the bestselling author of Sleep Smarter, science educator, & creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the #1 Health Podcast in the U.S. He also has his new book Eat smarter out now.

In this episode, Shawn talks about the benefits and reasons you should eat smarter. He goes in depth on the things you need to rewire your body to become healthier.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[1:02] Journey To Discovering The Wealth Of Information

[10:18] Process To Writing Sleep Smarter

[22:57] Looking To The “Most Scholarly”

[25:16] Breaking Free From Your Environment

[30:32] Boosting Immune System And Mental Performance

[42:50] Things To Stay Away From To Make The Biggest Negative Impact On Your Body

[46:13] The Change Of Body Fat Composition

[48:39] Supplementation For Immunity, Health And Nutrition


  • The power of sound can heal your body
  • With the right diet, exercise and sleep, you can rewire your body to become healthier
  • There’s nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come
  • Calories are the most important metric. Manage calories then you can manage weight. 
  • The microbes you have in your stomach is what determines what your body does with the food you eat.
  • Your liver is a major player in your fat metabolism.


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