Does Your Communication Suck?

The 3 dimensional Businessman (5)

This week Nicholas and Amanda talk about communication and how we process differently as men and women. Amanda shares how women have different desires and tendencies as compared to men and Nicholas drops some great resources on how to better understand you’re partners values as you grow and communicate through more diverse situations. They also share insight into other relationships and how another couple problems solved financial issues together as a solidified unit through clear communication.


  • [ 01:44 ] Power of Testimony
  • [ 06:17 ] Values
  • [ 08:02 ] Communication with Your Tribe
  • [ 10:28 ] Communication with Your Spouse
  • [ 13:05 ] Asking for Help
  • [ 16:41 ] Resources
  • [ 18:30 ] Money Matters
  • [ 20:03 ] Understanding



  • In some aspects of our life, we need to pull on different people, like our mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers and close friends. Men and women process their stress very differently. Women have a desire to get around their most trusted female friends and talk things over, vent, problem solve. Whereas men tend to withdraw, become depressed, and feel the need to be strong by withholding their stress. Many relationships fail because people try to make their partner their outlet for all things, rather than looking to close guy or girlfriends who will relate and understand each other better.
  • Most men think that everyone, including their wives, doesn’t want them to ask for help. Women like to control things but they also want to have a man in their life that they know can look outside for help to better themselves in order to strengthen their relationship. When you look for help and are honest with your spouse you’re will find that you’ve lifted a weight off your shoulders and have taken responsibility for yourself.