Create Your Own Happiness with Vince DelMonte

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Vince Delmonte is an online fitness business coach. Because his own fitness business did well, he helps other companies build their online fitness businesses. He also is the founder of The 7-Figure Mastermind for Fit Pros. 

In this episode, Vince discusses the struggles of having a career after kids and gives amazing advice on the structure a business should have.

Timestamped Show Notes:

[3:01] Being The Pastor’s Son

[11:33] Pro And Cons Of Upbringing

[17:04] Fulfilment From Mistakes

[25:27] Career After Kids

[29:33] Figuring Out Your Identity

[35:35] Structure Of A Business

[49:42] Building a Promotion Based Business



  1.  Be the leader of an example and others will follow.
  2.  First you make your decisions then your decisions make you.
  3.  You cannot control your wife, you cannot change her. She can’t change you. The only person you can change/control is yourself.
  4. The best way to show your kids you love them is to love your significant other.
  5. 1 audience, 1 product, 1 conversion tool, 1 traffic source for 1 year.



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