How to Create a Badass Relationship with Amanda Bayerle


In today’s episode Nicholas sits down with his wife Amanda and they talk about what it takes to have a badass relationship. They share everything from the insight they’ve gained from their personal mentors, the books they’ve read, and lessons they’ve applied. As well as talking about what it takes to be an entrepreneur with a successful business life while maintaining a healthy relationship.

Timestamped Show Notes:

  • [ 02:30 ] What the entrepreneur needs in a relationship.
  • [ 03:45 ] Higher priority for your relationship
  • [ 05:00 ] Experts.
  • [ 07:12 ] Values
  • [ 08:36 ] When your life vision changes.
  • [ 09:58 ] Personality Tests and Love Languages.
  • [ 15:11 ] Men and Women.
  • [ 18:45 ] Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • [ 19:30 ] Communication and Assumption
  • [ 27:00 ] Working Together.



  • Many entrepreneurs have gone through multiple divorces, why? Entrepreneurs often get bored in romantic relationships because similar to other aspects of their lives entrepreneurs are always looking for next best thing and look for other stimulation. The core thing is always finding the right person with a personality that is conducive to yours, keeping you on your toes, that’s exciting, enthusiastic, and happy to change with you through life. For someone who is always implementing, innovating or changing you need someone to do that with you.
  • Taking 100% responsibility for your relationship means being 100% in your relationship and invested in it. Having a higher priority for the relationship over the things you want to do or achieve will give you a stronger and more solid bond, you may run into disagreements on the way but as long as the relationship is more important to you that situations and circumstances you can get through those disagreements. Have a relationship that is compatible from the get-go, with the lifestyles you want to create and live. Friendship interactions give you the opportunity to get to know those important key things about one another before becoming intimate.
  • Values: Get to know what the other person is all about, what they’re dreams are, what is important to them. Ask questions about their faith, spirituality, finances, business, career paths, health, the way they eat, what they like. Get clear on what they’re values are. Always check in with one another because as you grow different things will be important at different times, changing together and having that communication is important.
  • Whatever you have you can give to a relationship, when you don’t have something you can’t offer it in a relationship. If you don’t have self-love you can’t give love in a relationship. If you don’t have compassion and empathy for yourself, you can’t give that in a relationship. The biggest key is to work on yourself to become a better person and then a better partner.