In this episode, I share my story with you guys and why I spend 10’s of thousands of dollars into masterminds.

From how I went from no qualifications, obese and broke to now being called “Top 30 under 30 influencer” and health coaching hundreds of highly influential men.

I know this might come as shocker because I now have a beautiful wife, but I never had a girlfriend in high school (I went to summer school and graduated with a 1.8 GPA).

And I can honestly say that a lot of my success is credited to the community I have around me. Back then, I had no community and the few people that were in my life were not the people I wanted to be like.

Now it’s very different. Almost everyone I personally am good friends with make 10x what I make. From the friends I have and the mastermind I invest in, I always try and surround myself with people who have something that I want OR something I want to grow in.

Through my Billion Dollar Body Brotherhood and Thrive Mastermind, that’s where my community is. Some of my best friends have come through these two groups.


In this episode you will learn: 

  • The ROI of community and live events
  • How to hustle to get what you want – what I personally did back in the day
  • Why Billion Dollar Body Live will 10x your health, wealth, and relationships
  • That money doesn’t matter if you don’t have your health and relationships

The reason I’m so passionate about community is because of the HUGE ROI it has had on my life.

If you want a network of men who have want to you want or something you want to grow in then Billion Dollar Body, Live is the place for you to be at.

So what is Billion Dollar Body Live?

Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is a dynamic, in-person event for a select group of ambitious and successful men. Join 100 high level men and speakers such as Ryan Michler, Jordan Harbinger, Cole Hatter, and John Spencer Ellis (and a former Navy Seal, Joost Janssen) July 15-16 in Downtown San Diego.

Invest in one weekend to become your most powerful, confident, healthiest, and fulfilled self.  Billion Dollar Body, LIVE will give you the brotherhood you’ve been craving – full of high achieving men who are consistently striving for more.

This event is your opportunity to be equipped and inspired to reach your ultimate state of health, power, and confidence.

Check out a few of the Speakers that will be at Billion Dollar Body Live

Oh I forgot to mention that my hot wife, Amanda, will speaking and giving us the talk on “What women really want. How to get what you want while satisfying her”. You won’t want to miss this one (my wife is a powerhouse if you haven’t met her yet).

One of the biggest things I have taken away from Tony Robbins is this quote: 

“Make a decision when you are in state”


If Billion Dollar Body, LIVE is speaking to you – then chances are you’re looking for change. We’re going to over deliver on our promise to set you up for next level breakthroughs.

I want to leave you with one last thought. So many men go after what they want. So many men fail at their first step and then they stop. But not you, not us. We’ve already accomplished a ton – and we have an obligation to keep building. If you are unsatisfied with any area of your life, it’s a challenge to rise up, learn new skills, and tackle it.

Just imagine yourself in 10 years looking back and thinking, “Damn, I’m glad I invested in myself by attending Billion Dollar Body, Live. It not only gave me a community of like-minded men, I had a 10x ROI.”

I hope to see you there man.

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Cheers to looking and feeling like a billion dollars,

Nicholas Bayerle

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