#13 Power Couple Episode: Building Your Foundation

Power COuple 13

Welcome back to the Power Couple Episodes! This week Nicholas and Amanda answer your questions, covering everything from keeping the spark alive, dating multiple people, knowing what you want, and building a foundation. They share the hierarchy of needs and how that applies to you and your relationship as a businessman, and how opposites will attract within the same morals and values.Timestamped:

  • [ 01:50 ] Power Couple Coaching
  • [ 03:40 ] Going into the Past
  • [ 05:12 ] Keeping the Spark Going
  • [ 06:11 ] Know What You Want
  • [ 07:50 ] Someone Better
  • [ 09:37 ] Job Description
  • [ 11:07 ] Communicating
  • [ 14:35 ] Business vs. You’re Wife
  • [ 16:55 ] Hierarchy of Needs
  • [ 18:46 ] Go with Your Gut
  • [ 21:24 ] Get to Know Each Other


  • Why waste your time with all these different women who aren’t your type or don’t have the same values as you and you just could never see them. Be serious because there’s some girls that like, they’re not marriage material and there’s some guys that are like that too. They don’t want to get married, they’re young, they just don’t have very good morals or values in life right now. When you’re with a bunch of girls that you don’t really care about just for fun, and the right girl comes around, that girl’s going to be probably turned off by you in five different relationships at one time. They’re probably not going to want that in a man. Start with the end in mind. You got to figure out exactly what type of life you want. Treats the initial “what do I want in a woman” as if you were hiring someone. When you have a job description you have to make it so clear because the person that you want, like it’s a specific type of person and if you want to hire a good person, like you can’t just take anyone for a certain role, like it needs to be specific skillsets, specific type of person that can fulfill that job. In a relationship, you need to make that specific detailed person that you think you’d want to be with. And when you see all these other girls that are like not living up to that don’t even waste your time.
  • I guess I’ll keep doing it and then a few years later, guess what happens? All of a sudden, both of you guys have been doing something that you absolutely hate because you think the other person likes it, but both of you guys have been faking it. So both of you guys have been doing something that you hate year after year. Trying to make someone else happy, only to make no one happy the whole time. That’s the saddest story I’ve ever heard and so when I look at stuff like this, the biggest things that come down to communication and understanding so many times as humans, we go out with just a bit of information. We ponder on it, we dwell on and we come back with a solution.
  • There’s a difference between morals and ethics in your foundation. Opposites attract, but when it comes to your moral foundation, the things you believe, what you guys want to do in life, how many kids you want to have with someone. You want your intimacy in your commitment in relationship to travel at the same speed. A lot of people have intimacy, travel way quicker, meaning that they go and have sex and do all these things with people before they’re ever committed. Creates tons of emotions that are super negative, meaning like you have to work through them so they’re not negative, but they drag people down when they don’t need to like explore, get to know each other. Are they foundationally? Do you guys have a future that would align together? Are you interested in the same things, meaning getting out of life? Do you have a moral and ethical foundation that’s similar?



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