How to go from Broke to 8 Figures with Trevor Chapman


Today Nicholas talks with Trevor Chapman as Trevor shares his rags to riches story, dropping wisdom unlike any other guest before! Trevor is the host of the Chapman Show, has sold multiple businesses for 7 to 8 figures all before the age of thirty-five.

Time Stamped:

  • [ 03:22 ] Results and the Hustle Mentality.
  • [ 10:00 ] Lasting Change
  • [ 12:00 ] Advance Business
  • [ 19:38 ] Identifying Opportunity
  • [ 24:58 ] Money and Significance
  • [ 27:57 ] Legacy and Impact
  • [ 36:36 ] What You Focus on Grows
  • [ 42:00 ] Deliberate Intention
  • [ 48:12 ] Reciprocation  



  • We are in the midst of hype and hyperbole, a time where #beastmode #grind #hustle are top trending. There is truth in this focus, it creates the concept that what it all comes down to is hard work, grinding and the hustle, when, while those are necessary elements, if you want more deserve more. You deserve more by winning more. It’s not the virtue of the hard work that gives you the results, it’s winning. Professional athletes aren’t drafted because they work hard, they are drafted because they win. Often the ones who win do work the hardest, proving that it is a symbiotic relationship between the two.
  • When we want to make lasting change our natural tendency is to add more things to our to-do list that we are already not getting to, to give our lives for complexity. I’ve found that when we want to make a true lasting change we should ask ourselves what will I no longer tolerate? By clearing the things that are stopping you from being able to achieve, clearing your obstacle. By clearing things you give yourself that option to grow into more of what you want.
  • What we focus on grows, the grass is greenest where it is focused on. Wherever you are at, focus on what you want and if you want to deserve more, win more in what you are doing. Naturally more options will occur but there are no shortcuts, there are small quantum leaps but we earn everything we have.